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How to Become a VIP Member - (Donations, Points, & More)

How to Become a VIP Member - (Donations, Points, & More)

UPDATED November 13, 2013

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What Is VIP Membership?

VIP Membership is the rank needed to view shows labelled under the VIP Shows tab of the VIP site. The VIP Channel offers both free shows and VIP shows. Free shows are just that, free. You do not need to even login. VIP shows on the other hand will cost you 2 VIP points per episode or 1 VIP point per episode if that show is an animation.

After clicking the desired episode you have a 24hr time frame in which to watch it however after 30 clicks another 2 points will be deducted.

How Do I Become A VIP Member?

There are two ways you could become a VIP member.

1. Buy F$ via and convert F$ to your favorite VIP services.


1. You will find the button on the navigation bar of the main page of the VIPTV.NET.

Clicking this button will redirect you to F$ acquisition page.. (Please note that you will have to register with the site first if you had not already done so.)

2. Click the "submit" button after specifying a option. (The ratio between US dollars and F$ is 1:1.)

3. The browser will redirect you to the ptsexchange payment page to make a payment.

4. After transaction completed, your account on should get corresponding F$ instantly. 

5. Please visit   in  on to exchange F$ to your favorite VIP service. (F$ exchange is free of charge.)

6. Start your VIP tour.

VIP memberships are split into two types:

1. Points deduction it cost you one or two points for each episode you click.

(The following calculation is based on a 2 point cost for every episode)

80 VIP Points for  10 F$ (0.25 Dollars per Episode)

200 VIP Points for 20 F$ (0.20 Dollars per Episode)

350 VIP Points for 30 F$  (0.17 Dollars per Episode)

700 VIP Points for 50 F$ (0.14 Dollars per Episode)

2000 VIP Points for 100 F$ (0.10 Dollars per Episode)

2. Unlimited viewing service can watch any number of episodes for 30 days.

Unlimited viewing will cost you 29 F$ for every 30 Days (you will have to pay manually every month if you wish to continue as this is not a subscription based service).

Please note that after the 30 days is up the account will be turned into a Points deduction one.

If your account has not been updated within a 24 hour period after your donation has been made then you can send your donation details indicated below to let us help you.

  • Serial number of your donation (this can be found in "Exchange Logs" in your Account.)
  • Username used on the VIP Channel

With these details you can try the following methods to get your account activated.

1. Live Customer Support. You can find the Live CS button on the main page of the VIP Channel.

If any members of Customer Support are online the button will be highlighted in blue.

If they are not online you can try the two options below or leave a message with CS. (Be sure to include your email address so that they can contact you.)

2. Send a PM to admin lbjedward on the forum. He will check into the claim and directly activate your VIP membership service you applied for, as soon as possible.

3. Post your donation details in VIP Members Help Center on the forum.

2. Be an active member of the forum boards

By making helpful and original posts as well as participating in a few forum activities (e.g. Quizzes) that award points for participation. These points are awarded by Mods.

These points can then be converted into VIP points via request in the this thread. Admin will normally directly convert your points into VIP points on Sunday - Please note, you must have more than 10 points for them to be converted into VIP points.

Additionally for every new post you make you get 2 Treasures, if you reply to a post you get 1 Treasure. These Treasure can be converted to points, which as you now know can then converted into VIP points. The conversion rate from Treasures to Points is 2:1 that means that for every 2 Treasures you have you get 1 Point.

However you must keep 20 Treasures in your account at all time. Also when converting Treasures to Points a 10% tax will be applied to amount of points you will receive. For example if I Torres convert 20 Treasures then I will get 9 Points (20/2=10*0.9=9).

For information on how to convert Treasures to Points please refer to this post.

On behalf of all of the Administrators and Moderators,

Welcome to the VIP Channel and it's sister sites.

Happy Viewing!

Thanks to janenjab for the initial post.

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