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Eureka Season 3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Stark  I was like okay that's it they are both crying he's a gonner then after it was finished my mind raced a million ways backward. Ok he's fine, he is just stuck in a time dilation field(way to much sci-fi to think of that) and next thing you know :'(


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Episode 3

More or less a filler episode. One funny error on the writers part though....

When Allison was trying out her wedding gowns she said that no one wears white their 2nd time around....but its actually her 3rd time. She was married to Kevin's father, Stark...and Stark again

Episode 4

OK! So, Henry's an ordained minister now? This man can do everything.

Isn't Euerka supposed to be a secret town. Why can Carter's ex & sis just stroll through whenever they like. Lexi seems cool, but I hope she's not around for too long.

I'm not worried. Thank God this is a sci-fi show. Stark isn't dead. He's stuck in a time-dimension somewhere...after all he vanished instead of burning up like Leo.


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Well your right i hadn't notice it was henry but he does everything around the town. i don't think Eureka is a secret town remember how carter and zoe found it by accident in first episode?,

Stark is in another time dimension which is cool.


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Yes, by accident...because they were on a back road. Plus, if you can remeber in the pilot epi Jack & Zoe had to walk through trees to get to the town.

& the town is secret...its not on any maps, have satellite blaockers that keep unwanted signals from coming in etc

Another point why Stark is not dead:

When any catasphore is happening in the town, Stark & Henry fix it...( I like Fargo, he's smart, but, he's back up). When they were fixing the time-worp...I was wondering why Henry was absent from this major event.  Henry will be the one to bring Stark back home.

So far, I thought S 3 was boring, but with my man missing-in-action....I must stick around to see what unfolds.


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you have a point there but going back to original comment by you

Q:Why can Carter's ex & sis just stroll through whenever they like.?
A: Because Carter told them how to get there

Q:why Stark is not dead?
A: Well i don't have technical answer but from my limited understand the new clock thingy is different old the other guy used and this new thing because it's more accurate it some transferred his body in light particles and scattered him across time.

Plus we need Stark killing him off is like killing another genius

Q:.I was wondering why Henry was absent from this major event.
A: i think you answered that question-he was ordained minister plus he doesn't have GED clearance since he doesn't work there.

i don't think you are happy with this


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Not having GD clearance is not going to keep Henry from the building. If Stark or Allison wanted him on the compound he would be there in a flash. My above statement  is exactly the reason he was absent

Yes, he told them where he was...I know that. But, you're missing the point. The town is supposed to be a real life even the Sheriff or President's family would need access into a secret military/town. But, its TV so I'll let it go.

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not a bad episode i thought it ok episode but that nice of nathan imprint himself on that diamond


i have to agree with milks that as the seasons go on eureka is losing a little something that the first season had.  not sure what it is but it's starting to miss something.  I think it has a lot to do with them sorta just forgetting about the future storyline that carter doesn't remember but henry still does.  

also zane is a smart guy and was against the corporate machine when he first got to eureka now he just seems to be going along with what's her face, and not really questioning her motives.  i'm not liking that - hopefully he starts thinking for himself and starts asking questions about what she's up to like henry is.

this episode was good but the whole diamond thing was a bit cheesy but also understandable cause it's not like allison can just go back to work like nothing happened.

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Yes, it is getting boring.

Right now they are focused on the science tragedy of the week, rather existing storylines. Where's Taggart?

I think the whole thing with Zane & Eva  is going to be cramped into 1-2 episodes...that might still leave you in doubt. Hopefully when Eva is done....Zane will be gone.


ok i hate to admit this i'm a real fan of this show but i really think they just don't know what to do with character they have kind run out ideas , giving that it going 22 episode season and not 13 episode season mean more time to do these type of episodes because there are in no hurry to speed up story telling like they did in last 2 seasons


Eureka 3x06

This was a fun episode and i love when he went through his daughter that funny-well that's one way impress a woman isn't it .Carter is getting suspious of that woman she up to something with that key    


i found some parts of it just funny as hell


a kid creates a sun almost destroys the the town


Fantastic Boy


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Well good ending through love bit when run on hot ground because tires melted


i could not stop laughing


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espically zane line: i'm game if you are look on carter face was priceless


thats so true


Wow this brillant episode


Episode 8

For a mid-season finale this was pretty good. Everything seemed to wrap up very well almost like it was an actual season finale instead of a mid-season one. The biggest shock of the night was Sheriff Carter getting fired from Eureka from the General. I really did not see that nor did I see the whole Allison is pregnant thing either those were two big shockers for the night. Thorne's revealings were not that too big, it made since in the midst of the story. We did get a lot of closure in this episode though, not only with the bunker, but also with the mysterious purple stuff that Zoe slipped on, and the reason Thorne covered up Eureka's past. Not bad at all. I can't wait for Eureka to start up again and it can't be soon enough!!