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Subject: Treasure Conversion Help Topic [Print This Page]

Author: bala    Time: 12-28-2007 06:43     Subject: Treasure Conversion Help Topic

If you have any questions regarding this new way of getting points? Please see This Topic First. How to convert Treasures? Go to Members CP- Credits Transaction (top right hand side next to my zone link) Than you click on credit transaction than you fill in blanks and than click submit(make sure you haven't made any mistake because once you click submit there is no going back. My advice is if it's your first time doing this try a small number first eg 20 Treasures make sure you have minimum of 50 treasure in your total. What is Maximum Number Treasures You Can Convert Into Point? There isn't a maximum number but it depends on amount of treasure points you have on your account. Tip: if you take away 20 from total number of treasure that is maximum you can convert at that time Guide until 30/01/08 due special promotion of 5% tax after 10 %tax 20G = 9 points (Total needed 40G) 40G = 18 points (Total needed 60G) 60G = 27 points (Total needed 80G) 80G = 36 point (Total needed 100G) 120G = 54 points (Total needed 140 G) I think you get the Idea-please if you have any problem please post your problem here and one of Moderators will try help you or if your lucky to have lbjedward on-line explain/sort out it for you like i did
Author: lbjedward    Time: 12-29-2007 04:39

Great work, I also appreciate your work to take treasure conversion into practice and let me change some setting. Thank you!
Author: bala    Time: 12-29-2007 08:55     Subject: Reply 2#2 lbjedward's post

i was just helping you checking the system without member testing it out-i took risk because i had nothing to lose thankfully it all worked out. i appreciate the help you gave me.
Author: angel17halo    Time: 1-1-2008 21:16

Thanks a lot.. I'm just starting to understand the whole concept of actually having treasure. I think I'm going to wait a while before I convert my treasure into points.
Author: bala    Time: 1-5-2008 09:44

I wasn't sure if everyone saw this so i'm posting it here
From lbjedward Updated in January 5: A good news for treasure earners: TOP TEN treasure earners before the time GMT 00:00 February 1st 2008 (no matter whether your treasure coverted or not) will get treasure awards: The champion: 200G+30G The runner-up: 180G+20G The second runner-up: 160G+10G The fourth: 140G ....... The tenth: 20G And this award is for members only. If some mods or super mods are listed in top ten, the member behind him/her will get that award. The Deadline is GMT 00:00 February 1st 2008

Author: trulee    Time: 1-5-2008 09:50     Subject: Reply 5#5 bala's post

I hadnt so thanks for the heads up. Even though I'm not entitled its still a great reward for our members.
Author: penny3760    Time: 1-5-2008 22:17     Subject: Reply 1#1 bala's post

Thank you Bala! I had a hard time understand it until you made up this post explaining everything. Thanks again! Granny
Author: xareena    Time: 1-10-2008 11:43     Subject: Reply 5#5 bala's post

Member, does that mean just members and that newbies cant win??? Please clarify, I dnt want to get false hope although I doubt i would have the chance of winning anywayss.. Cheers for the info about treasure converting anyway Bala.
Author: 01torres    Time: 1-10-2008 11:46

It mean everybody as everybody who has registered is a member so you can use this feature. Newbie just relates to what type of member you are.
Author: bala    Time: 1-10-2008 12:26     Subject: Reply 8#8 xareena's post

Member means members no matter what rank you are i'm sure there will be a few newbies within 10 places.
Author: ashy2012    Time: 1-10-2008 13:18

Thats pretty cool but do you mean that every point we get are getting taxed? just wondering
Author: bala    Time: 1-11-2008 01:20     Subject: Reply 11#11 ashy2012's post

it only get taxed if you convert them-if you don't you just keep them on your account .
Author: penny3760    Time: 1-13-2008 15:48     Subject: Reply 1#1 bala's post

When we convert our treasures into points, are they converted into forum points or VIP points?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 1-13-2008 15:51     Subject: Reply 13#13 penny3760's post

They're converted into VIP points.
Author: penny3760    Time: 1-13-2008 15:58     Subject: Reply 14#14 waterlilybarb's post

Thanks Barb! That's great!
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 1-13-2008 16:04     Subject: Reply 15#15 penny3760's post

It sure is! I know it will be a great help for those who are waiting for their forum points to be converted. BTW, I just noticed you're a KING. Congratulations! Though it would be nice if you had the option of Queen.
Author: studiojek    Time: 1-22-2008 10:37     Subject: Reply 13#13 penny3760's post

What's the difference between forum points and VIP points?
Author: bala    Time: 1-22-2008 10:54     Subject: Reply 17#17 studiojek's post

there really no difference but you need convert fourm points into vip points in the points conversion fourm. [ Last edited by bala at 1-22-2008 18:56 ]
Author: penny3760    Time: 1-23-2008 19:56     Subject: Reply 17#17 studiojek's post

VIP points you use to watch the shows. Forum points are points that you have earned by playing the forum games, making post, ect. Once, you have enough forum points, you can convert them into VIP points to watch your favorite shows. It really is a great idea. I wish I knew how to give you the links to these questions to help you out better.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 1-25-2008 21:55     Subject: Just a note:

FYI, I think we gave some of you faulty information. When you convert treasure, ie G, it is converted to forum points, not VIP points. You will still have to go to the Point Conversion Board to convert forum points to VIP points. Sorry for any misunderstanding, and I hope this clears that up. p.s. I big THANK-YOU to our dear Granny Penny for bringing this discrepancy to our attention.
Author: bala    Time: 1-31-2008 00:53     Subject: LAST DAY

I Just To Remind Members That Today Is The Last Day of Treasure Promotion Of 5 % Tax On Conversion,After Today It Will Increase To 10%. So, take advantage of conversion today is my advice.
Author: bala    Time: 1-31-2008 13:00

only couple more hours i'm sign off-see you guys tomorrow
Author: bala    Time: 2-4-2008 09:27

it look like magical fairy has give us some extra treasure points Thanks LBJ
Author: sddvasquez    Time: 2-4-2008 18:29

my goodness, just looked at our treasure. some magical fairy indeed! i don't remember exactly what we had but it wasn't anywhere near that number. thanks lbj from us too
Author: moppybrody    Time: 2-15-2008 04:08     Subject: Reply 5#5 bala's post

Is there a list to see who came in which position?
Author: bala    Time: 2-15-2008 04:50     Subject: Reply 25#25 moppybrody's post

yes there is, Updated on Feb. 1st Top ten treasure earners(members only) bala Treasure: 1086 G shinny Treasure: 782 G penny3760 Treasure: 327 G nye87 Treasure: 306 G sddvasquez Treasure: 251 G studiojek Treasure: 215 G kwargalla Treasure:131 G Teachergirl Treasure: 127 G angel17halo Treasure: 109 G munch Treasure: 103 G
Author: shinny    Time: 2-15-2008 05:22     Subject: Reply 26#26 bala's post

Cool. Where was that published Bala?
Author: bala    Time: 2-15-2008 05:53     Subject: Reply 27#27 shinny's post

It was febuary update topic where IBJ mention about treasury converion -look at first comment in newbie fourm.
Author: tdcskp    Time: 2-17-2008 09:27     Subject: G's?

I must be the only one who doesn't know what 'G' stands for, so I'm gonna' ask about it. Please explain- I couldn't find it in the rules/posts I've been reading. (Well, I did say my location is the Twilight Zone- I meant it as a joke, but now I'm sorta wondering... be back in a few- the dang spaceship that just landed in my yard is crushing my flowers- don't know why they didn't just park in the driveway like everyone else...)
Author: bala    Time: 2-17-2008 09:30     Subject: Reply 29#29 tdcskp's post

Good question i have no idea but i think of it like currency value. it's denomination value 2G=1 point
Author: tdcskp    Time: 2-17-2008 21:25     Subject: Reply 30#30 bala's post

OK, cool. I don't want to overanalyze, just need to know the basics. Apparently, from what I've read, the exact meaning of 'G' isn't important- keeping up with them is where I will spend some effort. Thank you again... you sure know the answers to all my questions tonight.
Author: dognxtdoor    Time: 2-17-2008 21:32     Subject: Reply 31#31 tdcskp's post

I think the idea was since it is treasure....G = gold...
Author: bala    Time: 2-17-2008 23:21     Subject: Reply 31#31 tdcskp's post

i've been a member for 6 months
Author: umkadog11    Time: 2-20-2008 16:56

thank you this helped me a lot...
Author: goaliesbear    Time: 2-20-2008 22:03

I have 52 treasure points, but I can't seem to convert them...I get this message..."Sorry, the balance after transaction is less than the limitation of 20, please return." What am I doing wrong?
Author: trulee    Time: 2-21-2008 06:47     Subject: Reply 35#35 goaliesbear's post

If you have 52G then you can only convert 32 of them. After each conversion there has to be a residual balance of at least 20G
Author: goaliesbear    Time: 2-21-2008 11:22     Subject: Reply 36#36 trulee's post

Thanks trulee, it's starting to make sense now lol
Author: trulee    Time: 2-21-2008 11:49     Subject: Reply 37#37 goaliesbear's post

No problem goaliebear, we're here to help in any way we can.
Author: goaliesbear    Time: 2-21-2008 15:30

I'm a little confused. I converted my treasure points and now have 21 points...How do I go about watching a show? It doesn't show that I have points over on the site. I was going to go watch episode 13 from season 1 of House, but it doesn't work. HELP! lol what am I missing?
Author: gabsimom    Time: 2-21-2008 15:42     Subject: Reply 39#39 goaliesbear's post

ok now you have to go here: you can convert 20 of your points over to use on VIP. This is usually done on Sundays.
Author: goaliesbear    Time: 2-21-2008 15:44     Subject: Reply 40#40 gabsimom's post

ohhh ok...I'm getting it now lol Thanks Tina! A light just came one *ding* lol
Author: seahawks_magic    Time: 3-1-2008 15:09     Subject: First Post

Im looking to watch some shows without paying for them. Whats the fastest way to gain forum points and when and where are they rewarded?
Author: bala    Time: 3-2-2008 02:00     Subject: Reply 42#42 seahawks_magic's post

Fastest way to gain fourm points is do a quizes on game fourm but only my quizes are on free show-rest are vip shows. as when and where they rewarded-that depends on the moderator once you get rewarded there will a pm saying how much you got rewarded than you go point's conversion and convert your points the more quizes you do more points you get As to treasury conversion this is more complicated as you need post a lot at least 40 comments to get 10 points by converting them.
Author: megatan    Time: 3-3-2008 14:10     Subject: hi

i want to say i have read alot of these today.. but i think im starting to understand.. lol.. thank you all so for the help.. ?? how is the time on counted in post or in watch time to?? dumb ? but im new.. thanks jodi
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-3-2008 14:25     Subject: Reply 44#44 megatan's post

The time on goes by how long you are browsing the forum. So if you leave the forum open on your browser and watch a show on VIP it won't change. I'm pretty sure it goes in 10-15 minute increments, so if your reading a page for longer than that it won't increase until you go to the next page. I can't remember exactly, but I know it's something like that. I should write all this stuff down somewhere so I don't forget it, but I think you can get the gist of what I mean.
Author: megatan    Time: 3-3-2008 15:50

thank you so much hon
Author: emc_23    Time: 3-12-2008 06:03

Hi was wandering how long after converting does it take for the transfer to vip points cheers
Author: bala    Time: 3-12-2008 06:16     Subject: Reply 47#47 emc_23's post

it doesn't get transferred into vip point-it only get convert forum points which you get immediately from there you go to point conversion fourm and post a comment saying how much to convert.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 3-17-2008 18:33     Subject: Trouble converting points

Hi! I have 54 Treasure points that I want to convert, but I get a message saying that it's not enough. I was able to convert 40 Treasure points last time with no problem. Should I PM someone in particular about this?
Author: 01torres    Time: 3-18-2008 04:30     Subject: Reply 49#49 desertdarlene's post

You must always keep a minimum balance of 20 Treasure therefore as you have a grand total of 55G you are only allowed to convert 35G to points at this time.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 3-19-2008 09:53     Subject: Reply 50#50 01torres's post

Oh, OK. I guess that explains it. Thanks.
Author: bala    Time: 3-19-2008 09:56     Subject: my rule

Always remember the rule take away 20 from total and that's maximum amount you can convert.
Author: RyanB1    Time: 5-11-2008 06:55

Well that answered a lot of questions about how to get VIP points. Thanks for all your past questions and answers.
Author: bala    Time: 5-17-2008 12:37     Subject: Reply 53#53 RyanB1's post

Well i'm glad we can help you
Author: linauri    Time: 5-17-2008 17:21

Weehee... I just did my first treasure conversion. Thanks so much for this thread. I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out without this.
Author: bala    Time: 5-17-2008 22:49     Subject: Reply 55#55 linauri's post

I know how that feel all these help thread newcomer section-there loads of them
Author: vietbeat    Time: 5-24-2008 13:30

nice theres another way to get points now...
Author: trulee    Time: 5-24-2008 14:51     Subject: Reply 57#57 vietbeat's post

Good to see you back vietbeat - you'll see you have 9 treasures at the moment and if you make interesting posts you'll get more. Soon you'll have over 20 then you can convert them.
Author: miyuve    Time: 5-24-2008 16:08     Subject: Thanks for the info

I had no idea what Treasure was until Iread your post, the help is really appreciated,now I feel less lost
Author: J708    Time: 6-21-2008 09:31

Thanks bala!
Author: funny1991    Time: 7-8-2008 17:21     Subject: i dont get it

how come i cant watch anything???
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 7-8-2008 17:28     Subject: Reply 61#61 funny1991's post

What exactly is your trouble? On the VIP site, you may view any of the shows in the green "Free Shows" section as a normal member. To view any of the VIP shows you must have VIP membership. Please see this thread for an explanation on becoming a VIP member. You can also view many shows, though not all, at - our sister site. The quality isn't quite as good, but it has improved greatly recently.
Author: minnieholly    Time: 7-9-2008 07:55

I think I did it right I had 120 G, I basically had to do 20 each time til I have 20 left it won't let me go to zero balance. so I am expecting 54 points to be added.
Author: bala    Time: 7-9-2008 07:59     Subject: Reply 63#63 minnieholly's post

how much did you get?
Author: mishka1001    Time: 7-11-2008 10:43     Subject: points

how many points do i need to get a vip points?? pm me please
Author: redsoxpatriot30    Time: 7-14-2008 13:28

I converted 200 G to 90 points and they're supposed to go right to my VIP account, right? I still only have 2 remaining points... I was going to watch Desperate Housewives and Cold Case least I can still get in In Plain Sight...
Author: 01torres    Time: 7-14-2008 14:34     Subject: Reply 66#66 redsoxpatriot30's post

Gold gets converted into forum points, from there you have to convert them from forum points to VIP points.
Author: redsoxpatriot30    Time: 7-14-2008 15:04     Subject: Reply #67 01torres's post

Are you sure? I read numerous things about the Gold being turned directly into forum points...I hope I didn't do anything wrong while converting...
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 7-14-2008 16:13     Subject: Reply 68#68 redsoxpatriot30's post

Torres is right. When you convert G into points it's FORUM points, which you have to convert later to VIP points.
Author: redsoxpatriot30    Time: 7-15-2008 09:57     Subject: Reply #69 waterlilybarb's post

Whoops...I even said the wrong thing when I replied...well, that makes me feel better though because I thought I had lost 200 G...that's a lot of posting! Now if they could only start up a points conversion thread for this week...I'm down to 2 points, thinking I had my mod VIP card for the month, but they forgot me and I already sent a PM to zhang... The Closer!
Author: nyleve    Time: 7-24-2008 01:19

Hi I'm just a newbie, please do bear with me. Thank you! I just like to know how can I earn treasures or points so I can have a VIP account?
Author: bala    Time: 7-24-2008 01:33     Subject: Reply 71#71 nyleve's post

every post you make you get 1G Everytime you post a new topic you get 2G That how you can earn treasures
Author: Ffion87    Time: 7-28-2008 16:20

Thank you. I have no idea how to use this site. I have no money and I need points to watch Torchwood? Gah!
Author: Ffion87    Time: 7-28-2008 16:21

Originally posted by funny1991 at 7-9-2008 01:21 how come i cant watch anything???
I'm guessing it's the same with me: we're not VIP status...
Author: silvermage2000    Time: 8-12-2008 17:44     Subject: I

I have 20 treasure. i can't seem to be able to trade I't in for points what am I doing wrong?
Author: gabsimom    Time: 8-12-2008 17:59     Subject: Reply 75#75 silvermage2000's post

I am not sure unless it is because you just earned them. Maybe give it until tomorrow or try to earn 50 as suggested then convert 20. Sorry I could not be more help.
Author: bala    Time: 8-13-2008 03:20

Originally posted by silvermage2000 at 8-13-2008 01:44 I have 20 treasure. i can't seem to be able to trade I't in for points what am I doing wrong?
you can't trade 20 treasure that minimum limit which can't be converted unless more 20 but balance after has to be 20 which mean if you you have 50 G you can only trade 30 G for points not 50 since 20 in balance minimum..
Author: spratt89    Time: 8-29-2008 05:08

think i might convert some treasure in the next few days
Author: bala    Time: 8-29-2008 05:12     Subject: Reply 78#78 spratt89's post

you going on right track with your post today
Author: TAMATER    Time: 9-6-2008 15:01

Hi I'm a newbie, please do bear with me. I just like to know how can I earn treasures or points so I can have a VIP account?
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-6-2008 15:18     Subject: Reply 80#80 TAMATER's post

Have a look at Newcomer Guidance Board then How to Become a VIP Member - (Donations, Points, & More) and at the bottom read Be an active member of the forum boards or try this link ... 6637&extra=page%3D1
Author: superhero    Time: 9-9-2008 07:40

Hi please help! I went to members cp and converted some treasures but when i tried to watch a VIP show it didnt work. Do i have to go onto the points conversion board?
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-9-2008 07:45     Subject: Reply 82#82 superhero's post

Yes go onto the points conversion board
Author: superhero    Time: 9-10-2008 08:19

Thanks for the help your awesome!
Author: katetheo99    Time: 9-29-2008 23:13

When I try to convert them it keeps saying my password is incorrect. Which is not true, I am typing it in right. I don't understand, HELP?! I mean I am already logged in why do I have to put another password in? And is it the same one that I signed in with?
Author: shinny    Time: 9-30-2008 01:14     Subject: Reply 85#85 katetheo99's post

When you login to Friendvista do you have to enter your password at that stage or does your computer automatically log you in?
Author: katetheo99    Time: 9-30-2008 06:29

Reply 86#86 shinny's post No, when I login to Friendvista I have to enter my password (it's not automatic.)
Author: katetheo99    Time: 9-30-2008 20:14

Few questions: 1.) I keep getting this message when I try to convert Treasure points: "Invalid password, you can not process the transaction, please return." I am entering the same password into it that I do when I login when I first get on this forum. 2.) It says I have: Credits: 24 Points: 24 Treasure: 43 Question is which ones are the forum points that I can use to watch VIP shows? I know Treasure points need to be converted and then transferred again on Sunday nights to become VIP points, right?
Author: shinny    Time: 10-1-2008 02:39     Subject: Reply 88#88 katetheo99's post

Ok thanks Kate, makes more sense now to me. You have 24 credits which can be converted into VIP points (that allow you to watch VIP shows) here: Points Conversion Board - You'll just have to wait for the new thread to be put up as you just missed the last deadline. You also have 43G. You always have to keep 20G in your Treasure Bank, so to speak, so you convert 23G's which will give you 10 Credits (which are what you convert to VIP points mentioned above) To Convert Treasure (G's) read this thread then read first page of this thread [ Last edited by shinny at 10-1-2008 11:02 ]
Author: bala    Time: 10-1-2008 02:47     Subject: Reply 89#89 shinny's post

you just link same topic to the same topic? This is treasury conversion help topic
Author: shinny    Time: 10-1-2008 03:03     Subject: Reply 90#90 bala's post

Lol. I didn't get much sleep last night !
Author: katetheo99    Time: 10-1-2008 12:21

Reply 89#89 shinny Thanks for the clarification, I get how to get VIP points now. But I do still have a Treasure points problem. I am doing everyting this site tells me to in order to convert them. I know I can only try to convert 23 out of my 43 points. The issue is it on the page "Credits Transaction" (under Members CP) the first box asks for you to enter your password, which I am doing. Then I fill in the rest of the boxes and press sumbit, and it comes back: "Invalid password, you can not process the transaction, please return."
Author: bala    Time: 10-1-2008 12:26     Subject: Reply 92#92 katetheo99's post

please contact an admin about this
Author: codebreaker    Time: 10-1-2008 12:39     Subject: Reply 92#92 katetheo99's post

If you are already signed into the forum when you go to Credits Transaction the password should be filled in
Author: bala    Time: 10-1-2008 12:41     Subject: Reply 94#94 codebreaker's post

it used to be but not anymore under new system you have to enter it
Author: codebreaker    Time: 10-1-2008 12:47     Subject: Reply 95#95 bala's post

I cant remember passwords i let the computer do it for me but i have a go and change some G's (2011 at the moment)
Author: codebreaker    Time: 10-1-2008 12:59     Subject: Reply 95#95 bala's post

I have just transferred 500 G's and the password was already filled in and i have only done it once before
Author: katetheo99    Time: 10-2-2008 15:37

Still having trouble, though I emailed the admin's who bala gave me yesterday. So hopefully this will be solved soon! I really wanna watch some VIP shows!
Author: bala    Time: 10-2-2008 22:00     Subject: Reply 98#98 katetheo99's post

are you absolutely sure your type the password correctly because i tried it last night and it worked ? only other solution is to change your password and try again [ Last edited by bala at 10-3-2008 06:12 ]
Author: katetheo99    Time: 10-3-2008 21:03

I was already typing it in correctly. But I tried your advice - changed the password - and still didn't work. Now I'm not a dope with computers, but I can't figure this one out. I am really getting frustrated. I emailed those admin's bala gave me but they didn't respond back. I really think this is a singular glitch on my personal account for some reason. I need some IT person on this website's admin end to take a look at my account or something! I have tried everything and want to get VIP points. Please help, thanks.

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